If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge

Nov 20, 2020
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Inanimate Insanity Plays Among Us: usworlds.info/slow/video/lo-Tenq0iaCOqJk
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  • among

    Nightmare BonnehNightmare Bonneh28 minutes ago
  • i loved the there was no emergency button part

    Mehdi,s Paint ShopMehdi,s Paint ShopHour ago
  • I love how lolipop just says tellytubby-

    Happy ProductionsHappy Productions2 hours ago
  • God Please Make More I love this.

    breadybready3 hours ago
  • whyd i get filled with so much serotonin when i saw tennisball get revealed as an imposter 😮

    just flawjust flaw4 hours ago
  • Love your content bro! Keep it up. Also I’ve been watching bfdi, bfdia and bfb

    DreamOCE_ TR on ipadDreamOCE_ TR on ipad4 hours ago
  • 1:35 captions: literally hoy!

    Cabbage PultCabbage Pult4 hours ago
  • 1:29 lol lollypop you talked about us

    teletubbies squdteletubbies squd6 hours ago
  • I Like Among us!!!

    Nathan AcostaNathan Acosta6 hours ago
  • 4:43 Belly where is your bloody string?

    Jonathan FaJonathan Fa6 hours ago
  • Why is among us is in bfb

    Lucky LourLucky Lour7 hours ago
  • Don't know what happend to x and gelatin it was creepy

    Kotton KaiKotton Kai7 hours ago
  • Lollipop tennis ball and X are imposters

    Denmark gaming And moreDenmark gaming And more8 hours ago
  • jacknjellify, can you plz make an episode where there actaully playing among us. Plz. that would be awesome.thx.

    Dayshawn DesjarlaisDayshawn Desjarlais8 hours ago
  • Everyone appear out of no where and Liy and naily pop out the tables

  • Match doesn’t care when pencil is burning to death when tennis ball came with a named bay scanner and it burn pencil to death match dose not care when she is burning

  • Tennis ball sus

    pretz saeternpretz saetern8 hours ago
  • “Uh so annoying” gelatin said that

  • I like this when gelatin had the card right and it was not right and gelatin was getting mad at remote because he is not getting it right

  • cringe

    olawffolawff8 hours ago
  • match be actin kinda sus

    Red Wolf GachaRed Wolf Gacha8 hours ago
  • Screams calm me down. UvU

    Who am I ? I dont remember myself.Who am I ? I dont remember myself.9 hours ago
  • What scares me is match’s height. The machine said she was 8 *foot* 4, yet she still seems angered by these results. Does that mean she could be taller? A giant perhaps... so many unanswered questions.

    KatythuKatythu9 hours ago
  • Tennis ball and X Are the impostors

    Esmeralda QuiroaEsmeralda Quiroa9 hours ago
  • Imposters : Black Hole , X , 4 and Tennis Ball

    Mark LopezMark Lopez9 hours ago
  • have any of you guys notice that when you alk your on a tablet FOR THE LAST TIME

    EpicEldest GamingEpicEldest Gaming9 hours ago
  • [eraser pres emergcybootun] bottle. eraer why you goata waste our time 8 ball. yea vote eraser out [eraser was not the inposter] puffball. huh i think its x x. huh why me x you have powers and what the ab inposter do be evil its x [x wa sthe inpotser puffball and tb [tennisbal was the inposter] [victory]

    christian Mercerchristian Mercer9 hours ago
  • Black hole tasted the truth

    King VincehKing Vinceh9 hours ago
  • “Ships should not exist” Bfb ships: adios

    pida siouypida siouy9 hours ago
  • Lollipop: innocent teletubbies

    Peridot PrincePeridot Prince10 hours ago
  • e

    Delete ThisDelete This11 hours ago
  • Poor gelatin 1 like=1 prayer for gelatin

    kayvon rileskayvon riles11 hours ago
  • Tennis boil was the imposter

    aEpicBoi CalieaEpicBoi Calie12 hours ago
    • 2:07 the favourite/best imposter in the whole among us

      pida siouypida siouy9 hours ago
  • The imp is x and tennis ball

    Anthony is The coolest 4444 plushAnthony is The coolest 4444 plush12 hours ago
  • eyebal flood vescosty

    Sam An1mates, leader of pastry gangSam An1mates, leader of pastry gang12 hours ago
  • 1:53

    Christine HorvathChristine Horvath13 hours ago
  • 1

    Christine HorvathChristine Horvath13 hours ago
  • dream island speaker

    Yendry EstrellaYendry Estrella13 hours ago
  • Pencil is racist

    MBdynamo BostikMBdynamo Bostik13 hours ago
    • @Anthony is The coolest 4444 plush Pencil judges most people by gender

      MBdynamo BostikMBdynamo Bostik12 hours ago
    • Proof?

      Anthony is The coolest 4444 plushAnthony is The coolest 4444 plush12 hours ago
  • 1:33: WOAHH. OOOOoOooOo! HOIDILy HOy

    Bluewing ProductionsBluewing Productions14 hours ago
  • 0:47 OH MY OMELETTE I thought coiny was gonna curse

    Christina SimonChristina Simon14 hours ago
  • No ship Black holes always win

    14_Bryce14_Bryce14 hours ago
  • Tip

    Erik FootzErik Footz15 hours ago
  • where is bfdi 27 jacknjellify

    Yesenia WintersYesenia Winters15 hours ago

    Amanda MossAmanda Moss16 hours ago
  • Ⓣ︎Ⓗ︎Ⓘ︎Ⓢ︎ Ⓘ︎Ⓢ︎ Ⓢ︎Ⓞ︎ ꏳꂦꂦ꒒

    The bananas slitps ShowThe bananas slitps Show16 hours ago
  • 2:07 the favourite/best imposter in the whole among us

    FabFab17 hours ago
  • U sus x

    empty Cheez-It box Lafriempty Cheez-It box Lafri17 hours ago
  • So If match is 8 feet and 4 inches that mean that

    Roberto BanajRoberto Banaj18 hours ago
  • But do you see the letters noob :I

    ak cak c18 hours ago
  • I want 10 contestents play Among Us in roblox or real

    oanhnguyenkim1984 Nguyenoanhnguyenkim1984 Nguyen19 hours ago
  • the impostor is 4 tennis ball and X

    Kenichi OkamotoKenichi Okamoto19 hours ago
  • 4:45 why was that so satisfying

    Ombsi ‘Ombsi ‘19 hours ago
  • In 1 week im the 851871 viewer

    Giandric CañeteGiandric Cañete20 hours ago
  • t e l e t u b b y

    _Ochako Uraraka__Ochako Uraraka_21 hour ago
  • Tennis ball is an Inposter and x to

    Theresa ConstantinoTheresa Constantino21 hour ago
  • Among Us version of bfdi battle

    Lance KingLance King21 hour ago
  • Unpopular opinion Tear Drop is overrated in my opinion hopefully she gets eliminated in BFB 27 Flower, Lollipop & Gelatin are my favorites in BFB

    Devin PucciaDevin Puccia21 hour ago
  • someone:there's everyone !! me:but where's tree?(in 4:28)

    Lazy SANDLazy SAND21 hour ago
  • this is terrible.

  • Tennis ball, X and Blackhole was the were the imposter

    Suvroneel Debnath Niyon শুভ্রনীল দেবনাথ নিয়নSuvroneel Debnath Niyon শুভ্রনীল দেবনাথ নিয়ন23 hours ago

    marina poliakmarina poliak23 hours ago
    • uhh yes?

      SpochySpochy20 hours ago
  • why do pencil always miss the good part

    Salvador BasioSalvador Basio23 hours ago
  • 4:43 Notice how pencil isnt there because tennis ball burnt her and Gelatin isnt there because X murdered him, also notice 4 is the only one here who seems happy everyone is falling in a black hole

    Dylan States of AmericaDylan States of America23 hours ago
  • woawoo woowooo hortlyhoi aww it didnt work

    Ender BotEnder BotDay ago
  • F for Gelatin and that card swipe. I feel your pain, man.

    rainyvibes_rainyvibes_Day ago
  • Wait the 2 yellow players are imposter oh I for got about smiley

    Ruby the RainWingRuby the RainWingDay ago
  • if bfdi 27 come out make it an among us challenge please we will give you 1000000000000,0000000000000000000000000000 subscribers ok or else

    Yesenia WintersYesenia WintersDay ago
  • When eraser press the emergency button why was remote their? She should’ve been killed by x like gelatain

    alida flusalida flusDay ago
  • There is 2 impostors among us : tennis ball and X

    Other friends creatorOther friends creatorDay ago
  • 4:42 bell has no string... also in the up next is bfb 12 where theres an impostor challenge

    Owen's gaming n crapOwen's gaming n crapDay ago
    • Who was the impostor???? Oh wait it was tennis ball

      alida flusalida flusDay ago
  • Wow I’m surprised finally :0 LOL I HAVE BEEN SUPRISED FOREVERR I CANT STOP LAUGHING AT FOUR LOL “X was the imposter”

    Onions onionsOnions onionsDay ago
  • WOW

    Monica BuchananMonica BuchananDay ago
  • The people who dobt watch BFB 24 will be confused why lollipop has a face and this video she doesn't

    fireyplaysrobloxxfireyplaysrobloxxDay ago
  • I like among us and I love fore :3

    xavi B.F.D.Ixavi B.F.D.IDay ago
  • Rocky screaming 4:41

    The le BETRAYED playerThe le BETRAYED playerDay ago
  • 4:43 i will pretend i did not see that

    Ethan James HechanovaEthan James HechanovaDay ago
  • Where are DORA AND DAVID's limbs!

    Ethan James HechanovaEthan James HechanovaDay ago
  • 4:03 that's gonna give me nightmares

    Ethan James HechanovaEthan James HechanovaDay ago
  • Everyone gangster until they realize that match is 8 feet tall

    Amena YosefzaieAmena YosefzaieDay ago
  • 3:59

    Mausengonmned_3Mausengonmned_3Day ago
  • 2:59

    Mausengonmned_3Mausengonmned_3Day ago
  • 3:51

    Mausengonmned_3Mausengonmned_3Day ago
  • Jelly : yay what it red :remote try again

    Kenny StickmanKenny StickmanDay ago
  • 4:10 goodbye jelly ._. (fnaf refrence) 1:33 a new language

    Batangas SocietyBatangas SocietyDay ago
  • short four BFB Among us

    ebo beboebo beboDay ago
  • Who was the impostor???? Oh wait it was tennis ball

    baby godzillababy godzillaDay ago
  • 0:03 too slow try again

    Zion Levi BazileZion Levi BazileDay ago
    • Huh

      Zion Levi BazileZion Levi BazileDay ago
  • the thumbnail is sus and amazing

    Asif HayatAsif HayatDay ago
  • its like the among us skeld map

    Chady ChadyChady ChadyDay ago
  • Why is EVERYONE talking about how eraser said ships should not exist

    Tom WinnemoreTom WinnemoreDay ago
  • So tennis ball and X was the imposters

    juan the role playerjuan the role playerDay ago
  • Match: dUmB pEnCe PeNcE! Me: Its not like you are any smarter XD.

    tyler barkertyler barkerDay ago
  • Among was already a challenge though because BFB 12 exists.

    tyler barkertyler barkerDay ago
  • Jelly isn’t even doing it right It will say *Bro read*

    Jana ReignJana ReignDay ago
  • the subtitles said "corny"

    Steven John WardleSteven John WardleDay ago
  • Why is nobody talking about how pencil is 8'4-

    Official MapleOfficial MapleDay ago
  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Dan AuDan AuDay ago
  • ⚠BRUH⚠...⚠BRUH⚠...⚠BRUH⚠... . Ḇ̶̧̜̤̱̦͈͉̎̍͋͋͋r̶̥̹͚͕͚̠̖̣͚̀͋͆͒̾̂̊̊͐̀͘u̵̟̪͍̤̯̻̞̝͓͍̱͔͂̃̅̄̿̾̌͐̎̽̀̽̂̕ǔ̷̗̯͎̲̭̫͙͛͆̐͛͑̿̈́̂̚̚ͅu̴̼̼͍̻̲͇̬̾̐͌̀͌͒̀͒͆̈́͊̇ṵ̴̬̮̤̼̪̳̺͕̜̲̦̖̋̿̄̈̿͐̈́͠ư̶͕͈̻͚͖͙͕̫̜̑̃̇̋̽͘͜͝ų̸̺̘̈́̐͛ͅų̸̻͈̜͓̫͎̫͙̖̟̦̌̃̈͊̊̒̅ͅṵ̴͉͚͔͕͕̙̭͚̠̮̄̂̈͂̂́͌͘u̴̡̥̥̮͔͕̤̙͔̹͐͗͊̀̒ṵ̶̭̱͖͓̠͙͗̀̍̈́̍͜ų̷̠̮͓͈͔͍̯͔̖̳̘̿́͌̌̕ư̴̢̯͓̠̲̤͙̝͚̬̤͓͒̈̑͐̌̋͒͛͒̐̒̕͠ͅȗ̶̢̝͍̤̭̳̫̗̰͛̉̄̾͂̾̇̅ͅͅù̶̡̪̘͚͇̗̥̘͇͚̱̖̊̉̾ū̶͉͖u̸̢̢̺̰̝̻̱͇͉̘̾̈́̈́̑̈̒͘ͅu̷̢̡͔͉̞͊͐ư̸̮̩̞͙̪̝̮̻̤̤͋̎̽͋̍̎̏͋̅̐͆̈́̄u̵̢̧͇̞͓͎̻̺̫͙̘͎̞̗͊̕ư̵̠͝ȕ̸̧̬̼̱̱̩͔̣̝͔̟̜̞͇̕ư̵̘̩͇̠̻͙͖̗̳̜̿̈́̔̒̓h̷͍͓̪͇̹̭̆͂͑̀̅̄̂̂̾͊̓͊̓͝h̷̡̛̛̛̙͉̿͗̀̃͋͑̐͋͑̒͜͠ͅḩ̴̩̊͆̿̋̅̿̓̑͂̋̄͒̇͜h̸̢̫͕̦̖̉͛̌̄̓̽̕h̸̲͎̩̋̏̃̉̈́͛͝ḣ̸̢̡͔̘̮̳̯̯̅̐͐̕͠h̴͖̰͎̣̱̝̞̟̙̯̱͖͓̭̅̆͐̒͝͝ḩ̴̫̭̮̦̺̩͉̉ͅ . The 👮 Department of 🏠 Homeland 🗽 Security 🚔 has issued a 🅱ruh Moment ⚠ warning 🚧 for the following districts: Ligma, Sugma, 🅱ofa, and Sugondese. Numerous instances of 🅱ruh moments 🅱eing triggered by 👀 cringe😬 normies 🚽 have ⏰ recently 🕑 occurred across the 🌎 continental 🇺🇸United States🇺🇸. These individuals are 🅱elieved to 🅱e highly 🔫 dangerous 🔪 and should 🚫 not ❌ 🅱e approached. Citizens are instructed to remain inside and 🔒lock their 🚪doors. Under ❌no⛔ circumstances should any citizen 🙊 say "bruh" in reaction to an action performed 🅱y a cringe😬 normie🚽 and should store the following items in a secure🔒 location: Jahcoins💶, V-bucks💴, Gekyume's foreskin🍆, poop💩 socks, juul💭 pods, ball 🍒 crushers, and dip. Remain tuned for further instructions. ⚠BRUH⚠...⚠BRUH⚠...⚠BRUH⚠...

    The Green TreeThe Green TreeDay ago
  • Tennis ball is sus as heck

    Mangy Roblox and Minecraft AnimationsMangy Roblox and Minecraft AnimationsDay ago
    • And yes I always win in the end

      Mangy Roblox and Minecraft AnimationsMangy Roblox and Minecraft AnimationsDay ago